Baby Fashion: Playing with Colors

You can find baby accessories in almost every department store, Target, and the likes. However, baby accessories could be your stand out piece if you put some thought into it. Some common accessories that can get the job done are baby headbands, belts, watches, backpacks, fanny packs, socks, and tights. Baby Girl Headbands have increased in popularity in recent years and that’s because of how beautiful and convenient they are. Hence, there are so many options out there that vary in style, material and of course colors. You can find beautiful and colorful headbands that a curated with great intention and style to make your baby stand out.

Colors are a way to express one’s self and as a parent or guardian colors are a way to teach your kids to start to express their preferences, “do you want the pink or green toy?” As they get older this is transferred into their clothing choices and style. Even when they can barely speak, they can communicate to you if they want a pink dress or blue shoe. It’s a fun process watching your child develop and grow. It’s also fun watching their tastes and style develop. Adding color to your kid’s outfit in a mindful and thoughtful way always produce great results, but it’s easy to run out of ideas on how to do this. Sometimes you don’t need a statement accessory but a statement color.

A pop of color in an outfit can do just as well or even more than an accessory in making an outfit stand out. Mix and match colors and play with a piece. Go neutral but pick one item to be a primary color and watch it transform a basic outfit into something with personality and style. You can also use your kids favorite color or colors so the outfit reflects their style even more.

So below, I’m going to talk about ways you can improve on your color game when dressing your babies and toddlers. I’ll give you ideas and tips on how to incorporate color into outfits and how to include your little fashionistas in the process.

Use Accessories

Belts usually go unnoticed and so not much thought is put into it as most of the time it’s more of a necessity than an accessory. You can, however, use belts to your advantage by using them as a style accessory. Having a bright colored belt can transform an outfit and it goes well for girls and boys. Tights perform the same role but offer even more variety and styling options. Backpacks have been known to be a staple for school but that’s changing as there are more and more options available that gear towards it being an accessory. The beauty of a backpack is that no matter how much of an accessory they are they will always have their functionality. Take your toddler’s outfit to the next level with a colorful backpack and give yourself extra storage in the process during family outings, It’s a win-win.

 Go Unconventional


When it comes to color, it’s more fun when you think outside the box. Sticking to century-old color rules can get very boring and limiting. Take the unconventional route and go crazy with colors. Childhood is about playfulness, lightheartedness, and laughter and this should show in your kid’s style also. The blue for boys and pink for girls rule has been canceled (by me just now).

When shopping for your baby or toddler, don’t stick to conventional colors. Do not limit your options. Pink and blue are pretty colors but so is yellow, teal, purple, peach, orange etc. These gender neutral colors not only make your baby stand out they are also easy to repurpose. There are so many beautiful colors that look great on kids. Some daring parents even go black and it always turns out really beautiful.

Mix and match and pair colors you would normally not think to pair and you will be greatly rewarded. Pair a yellow skirt with a pink t-shirt or pink pants with a blue sneaker. Mixing and matching will not only make your kids look very fashionable, but it can also increase their confidence. You’re also bound to get compliments and oohs and ahhs from people. No shame in soaking it all up.

More is More


Following the rule of thinking outside the box, try out the more is more approach. When it comes to color, the rule is: don’t mix more than three colors in one outfit. Fair but what if you can. Try mixing colors or 5, they are kids after all so let them go wild. Of course, you have to do this with taste but it’s ok to have some crazy days you know. Green pants, blue sneakers, white t-shirt, and yellow headband. Sounds like your kid is about to turn heads for good reasons. It takes a start to pull that off and look you just did.

Mix and Match Prints


Speaking of thinking outside the box, you don’t have to stick with one print per outfit. You can mix polka dots with stripes and mix the same print in different sizes, colors or style. For example, pink polka dots with red, vertical stripes with horizontal stripes and red stripes with blue stripes. Prints are beautiful, give character and have the ability to make an outfit pop and garner attention effortlessly. Prints also photography really well so keep that in mind for your next baby photo shoot.

Hopefully, these tips will serve as motivation to you and boost your style confidence. When next you’re shopping for your child dare to be daring and bold. Don’t be afraid to let you and your child’s personality shine through in your outfit choices. Involve your child in the process and ask for their input if they are old enough. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun in the process.